Sunglasses FAQ


What is prescription lenses insert?

The insert frame is for people who have eye condition (short-sighted, far-sighted .etc..) to be able to add a prescription lens inside instead of wearing contact lenses. It's useful for people who want to use sunglasses when controlling a vehicle (bike, motorcycle or even car).

This is a solution for people who wear prescription glasses but also have the need for sunglasses. Research has shown that a lot of people don't wear sunglasses because they don't own a prescription one.

Personal Tip: Even if you currently don't have any eyes condition, it should also be a good reason to consider a sunglasses that support prescription because of eye condition are likely to develop over time when your age become higher.

How does it work?

We provide in the package the frame (some call this Rx frame) that fits inside the sunglasses for customers to visit their local optician and get custom lenses that fit their eyes.
You just need to give them the frame and tell them you want lens fit your eyes. Most optical shops should have no issue with that from our experience.
When you already have the frame with lenses, you can use the sunglasses with or without it.
From our experience, it's generally better for customers to actually get their lenses to grind precisely to their eyes by trusted optician for the best result since each person's eyes have different specification.

Maintenance and care:

Do not use alcohol or any other chemicals to clean the lens, to avoid surface broken. Do not maintain the sunglasses in extreme environments like high temperature or long time damp, to avoid deformation.

The lens of RockBros Sports Sunglasses is made from durable polycarbonate so only simple cleaning by water is suggested to maintain good quality and extend the lifetime.